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About Us

Promasterscape is a landscaping design company based in Markham. We are dedicated to bringing our clients the best of landscape architecture services in the area.  We take an artisan’s approach to your project, carefully planning and executing each detail. As craftsmen, we focus on crafting stunning landscapes out of even the most simple yards.

The history of Promasterscape is one of perseverance. Our founder Chinno Yu established his landscape design company back in 2006. Despite our initial growing pains, Promasterscape later became one of the best contractors when it comes to providing landscaping services in Toronto.

Over the past 15 years, we have built a reputation for creating stunning landscapes that last. We strive to meet your needs and your vision by meeting your exacting standards. Our proven track record has made us one of the most trusted landscaping contractors in North York, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Stouffville, Aurora, King City, and Newmarket.

The Promasterscape team is the go-to landscaping company for discerning residential clients, garden designers, landscape architects and construction specialists.

Why Choose Us?

Promasterscape listens to you: We are always eager to know more about your ideal yard in order to create the landscape of your dreams. We are known for our close collaboration with our clients throughout each phase of the project.

Reliably good service: Promasterscape delivers consistent quality. Some contractors only look great on paper but Promasterscape delivers as promised.

Unique landscape designs: No copying and no look-alikes. Promasterscape’s landscaping designs are unique to you. Each project is a work of art dedicated solely to the client.

Challenge driven team: There’s no such thing as a project too complex or difficult. Our expert team of landscapers create quality landscape creations that meet your standards and specifications.

Our Team

We put our hearts, backs, and minds to the task of delivering lush landscapes for every client. A job isn’t done for us until our customers are satisfied.

Our crew of landscaping design experts come together for each project to bring you stunning results. We start by giving you our fullest attention in order to come up with a plan that works best for you. Our team then applies their years of experience and extensive kit of industry skills to turning high quality, sustainable materials into the garden, pathway, and yard you desire.


Our Equipment

Promasterscape invested and owned professional tools and heavy duty equipment to meet both residential and commercial landscaping needs. We make sure our team has all the necessary equipment to turn your vision into a real, vibrant landscape design.


We are equip to meet every customer’s landscaping needs. Along with our professional team, we have all the necessary equipment to transform your vision into a beautiful garden. If our customer is interested in having a pool constructed in their backyard, or want to give their garden a fresh look, we also own small and large excavators, which are used to dig trenches, excavate sloped and dig up tree roots. With both large and small excavators, we can easily remove any pavers, or lift concrete depending upon the wishes and needs of our clients. Our heavy compactor makes it possible for us to construct patios, driveways, and walkways because that heavy machinery ensures that the surface is firmly compacted together. It helps us prepare the land so that we can apply your ideas and our genius to it, leaving you with results you will only love.


Our Guarantee

Love What We Do
Professional and Experienced
Passion for Detail
Problem Solver
Consistent Level of Quality
  • Expert landscaping professionals: Our team is made up of skilled professionals with years of experience in landscaping architecture and design under their belt. You can count on fast, cost-efficient results that only real craftsmanship brings.

  • Long-lasting, durable stonework: We use only the best stone materials that are sure to last even with constant assault from rain, snow, wind, and sun. We guarantee completely undamaged stonework for the first 2 years.

  • Thriving, luscious gardens: We make sure that each plant we place in your garden is good for more than just a few pictures. Our goal is to make sure your yard isn’t just built- it thrives. Promasterscape ensures that our gardening services will last for at least one year after their planting.

Why choose us

Our Team

Our Process

Our equipment

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