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Front Yard Landscaping Service

Front yard landscaping is one of the most important aspects of a property. Its location makes the front yard the face of your property which can make or break your home’s appearance. Promasterscape’s signature craftsmanship creates a beautiful front yard that gives your property the curb appeal it needs.

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Front Yard Landscaping ideas:


Coming up with a front yard landscape design can be challenging but not impossible. Key things to consider are your budget, your lifestyle, and your ideal design. When thinking of front yard landscaping ideas, try to answer the following:

  • How much time do I have for taking care of the garden?

  • What style would I like? Modern, traditional, maybe even Japanese?

  • How big of a budget can I commit to this front yard landscaping project?

By answering these three basic questions, you will get a clearer idea of the kind of work you need done for your front yard.


Elements of a Front Yard Design:


A front yard design makes up a massive part of a property’s curb appeal. When Promasterscape works on a front yard, we take the time to walk our clients through the things they would want to include in their front yard’s design.

  • Walkways are a key part of front yard landscaping as these provide access to the rest of the property. A good walkway isn’t just functional – it looks good and lasts years of wear and tear.

  • Front Porches create a sense of arrival to a home. A front porch indicates the transition of space from the outdoor to the indoor. This makes it vital for a porch to match not just the outdoor landscaping and facade but also the indoor design.

  • Front Yard Gardening gives your front yard a fresh and vibrant look. Good front yard design is inviting and draws you towards the rest of the property. The right touch of greenery depends on your vision and your time for maintaining it.

Driveways need to be durable to make sure you get the most out of your front yard landscaping design. The main choice is between an interlocking or asphalt driveway. Which one you go for depends on the climate in Ontario, your budget, and your aesthetic preferences.

Benefits of Interlocking VS Asphalt Driveways:


In recent years, interlock pavers have become a popular choice for driveway surfaces.  Its versatility, durability and longevity are amongst some of the benefits that comes with it.  But how does interlock compare against asphalt driveways in Ontario?  With our defined seasons, it is important to install a material that can withstand the hot summer days as well as the harsh winters.  Below is a comparison between interlock paver and asphalt driveways in particular for Ontario properties.



Low Maintenance Front Yards


Front yard designs can be as detailed or as low maintenance as you want. You might think a good yard has to have several plants and fancy stone features. But a good front yard is one that is good for you.

Promasterscape can design a front yard that matches the amount of time and energy you want to commit to your front yard. Tell us what you need, and we’ll take it from there.

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