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Fence Building and Design

Good fences make good neighbors. But who makes good fences? Promasterscape. We design and build sturdy fences for homes all over Toronto. Our team of experienced landscaping contractors make sure each installed fence is sturdy and matches the overall look of your property.

Why Build a Fence?

Even when neighbors get along, it never hurts to set up a fence. A quality fence clearly marks where your home starts and ends, making sure you and your neighbors respect each other’s space. Fences also prevent pets like dogs from coming into your garden and making a mess. Most of all, a fence gives you more privacy, ensuring that your home is your own little paradise.

Fence Design ideas

You may not have though of it before, but there are several options when it comes to building fences for your property. Different kinds of fences are better suited to specific client tastes. This guide we wrote helps Promasterscape clients discover their preference.

  • What amount would I like to commit to this fencing project?

  • What purpose do I have in mind for my fence? Is it to give me more privacy or just to mark property?

  • What material do I want the fence to be made from?


Now that you’ve answered practical questions about your ideal fence type, you have a better idea of what kind of fence you would need Promasterscape to build for you. Let our team of professionals take it from here.


Privacy Fence

Function as walls for you outdoor living space. We’ve built several privacy fences in Toronto to give our clients a better sense of privacy and comfort in their property. With a solid, gap-less privacy fence, you can go about your business in the backyard without worrying about prying eyes.

Modern Fence

One simple way to create a modern fence is to run the boards horizontally rather than vertically. In this case, the boards are varying widths and have a slight gap between them. This creates a subtle pattern that draws the eye without dominating the landscape. A very simple pergola over the gate marks the entrance to this property.

Horinzontal fence.jpeg
Black Aluminum Fence With Decorative Ele

Metal Fence

Metals are the fastest growing of all fencing types due to the recent surge of interest in modern architecture. Tubular aluminum and steel has long been used for security and pool fencing, but landscape architects are discovering metal panels of all kinds make long lasting extensions of the architecture and its industrial material choices.

The primary innovation that has caused tubular metal fencing to grow in popularity is powder coating. Former coatings did not last, and staining of pavement due to rust from aging fences was a real problem. Aluminum was the only alternative but prices were higher for this material. With the widespread use of powder coating, tubular steel has become affordable, visually diverse and widely available.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences will never win a beauty contest, but when they are needed, no other fence type will suffice. The strength, longevity and adaptability of chain link, and its value to sports courts and home security make this fence one of the most common today. To respond to new needs and to make chain link more visually appealing, there are some useful adaptations that fit right in with residential projects.


Types of Fence Designs

A good choice of fence is one that meets your needs, whether that be privacy or simply keeping intruders out.

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