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Tree Removal & Shrubs Trimming

Good gardens are never finished products. Here at Promasterscape, we know the value of keeping a yard well-kempt and orderly. By keeping trees and shrubbery trimmed, your yard stays looking like a yard and not a jungle.

While the shade trees provide are a cool respite on hot summer months, these towering giants can cause problems when left unchecked. Overgrown trees can get tangled in powerlines or even fall on the house during a storm.

Should I Remove My Tree?

We recommend asking a professional from Promasterscape to come over and see your tree. But generally, we check for certain characteristics that may cause a problem down the line. Here are a number of reasons as to why we recommend tree removal:

  • The tree is dead or dying.

  • The tree is near a powerline.

  • The tree is growing too close to the house.

  • The tree is overcrowding other nearby trees.

Other concerns that result in a tree removal are that the tree covers a view from the house or of the house. Promasterscape also removes trees when a client wants more space for additional construction to be made on the property. Since trees take up a lot of space, removing a tree can free up enough land area for a new pool or gazebo.

Trimming and Pruning for Trees

Not every tree related call has to be a tree removal. When a client wants to keep a tree or just wants some maintenance done on it, we offer to trim and prune said tree for them. Many clients as us to remove deadwood as this can fall on the house or the property. Driftwood can be dangerous for inhabitants of the house or just people passing by on the street.

Another service that Promasterscape offers to landscaping clients in Toronto is pruning trees. It may sound counter-intuitive, but many trees can be stimulated to growth by pruning them regularly.


Shrub Trimming and Pruning

Promasterscape offers shrub trimming and pruning services to clients in Toronto. Our expert shrub trimmers have the sheers, the skills, and the creativity to give your shrubbery the extra oomph it needs. It doesn’t matter if you need a simple geometric cut to maintain the shape or want a shrub turned into a dolphin. Promasterscape offers professional shrub trimming and pruning services.

And we always deliver.


Stump Grinding Services

Our services don’t end at just tree removal. Promasterscape also offers tree stump removal to ensure your property is completely clear of any distractions. Stump grinding allows us to remove any unpleasant remains of dead trees. Even the stumps left by live trees can be grinded down to create a completely flat horizon where you can watch the sunset.


Regular Shrub and Tree Maintenance

Living things keep living and growing. We will come in whenever you need us to give your shrubs and trees another trim. We pride ourselves in being able to keep up our consistently good results. Promasterscape doesn’t treat plant maintenance lightly. We always make sure everything about any project is done to our exacting standards.

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