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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting for your front and backyard is one of the essentials of a well-designed landscape. A good contractor will recommend a range of options for lighting and make sure that each light is installed properly. Complications can arise from badly installed lighting, at worst bad lighting installation can be a fire hazard.

Promasterscape’s team of professional landscape designers and contractors include talented electricians that ensure each light installation is safe and reliable.

Why Have Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

You might be thinking, ‘I can just put up lights on my own’. But aside from the difficulties of installing lights properly and safely, there’s also the design aspect to it. Promasterscape carefully picks out locations for your outdoor lights. These selections not only maximize the brightness of your lights but also highlight key features of the landscape design.


What is Nightscaping?

Nightscaping is a growing trend in landscape design that tailors a yard design and light placement to make sure that our property looks fantastic even at night. Accent lighting is used to give your property definition, hide problem areas, and direct attention to feature structures like pergolas or cabanas.


Outdoor Lighting Options

Lights consume energy at different rates so the right kind of lighting depends on how much illumination you would want and what is most efficient for you. Thankfully, when it comes to lighting options for your yard, you have a number of available choices.


  • LED Lights are also known as light-emitting diode bulbs. These kinds of lights make for energy efficient landscape lights. Since they tend to be cheaper in the long term than most light options, they’re a popular choice for lighting up properties in North York, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Stouffville, Aurora, King City, and Newmarket.

  • Solar-powered Lights are another popular option for clients willing to put down a large investment in exchange for long term savings on power consumption. Solar landscape lights use the energy from the sun and take these to power your light bulbs. It’s an eco-friendly option for clients who are very ethically minded.

  • Low voltage landscape lights offer an alternative that is energy efficient while still providing bright illumination. Low voltage lights are connected to a transformer through wires. These wires, in turn are buried underground, giving your property a clean and seamless appearance.



Professional Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There’s only one way to get a professional quality outdoor lighting and that’s by hiring real pros. Promasterscape is made up of a team of expert landscaping contractors with the electrical know-how to guarantee that your lights are properly and safely installed.

Our professional electricians make sure all wiring and lighting is done exactly to Ontario standards. Some people may offer cheaper services to try and get you to hire them, but the work may not be expertly done, or worse, done poorly. By hiring a team of attentive professionals, you’re getting not just a lovely lighting system for your yard but also securing the safety of your property and loved ones from fire hazards.

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