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Real Grass & Artificial Grass installation

A green lawn is a quintessential part of any landscape design. Truly no yard is complete if it doesn’t have a lush, green expanse surrounding your home. For this reason, many people looking to improve their homes make sure to have green grass for their properties.


Promasterscape provides grass installation services all over Toronto. Whether you’re from North York, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Stouffville, Aurora, King City, or Newmarket, our team of professional landscapers are ready to turn your yard into a verdant paradise.

Why Add Grass to Your Yard?

Real grass and artificial grass give your property a lively appearance. A good yard has enough plant life in it to give an inviting appearance that draws people towards it. This kind of curbside appeal that grass gives a property isn’t just superficial but boosts your property value as well.

Grass might not seem like a major home improvement but like many underrated things, you won’t notice it until it isn’t there. A property with a green yard may not automatically look unique but a yard without green grass looks outlandish and dead.

Real Grass vs Artificial Grass

There are two options when it comes to choosing grass for your lawn. You can either choose artificial grass or keep it natural with real grass. Artificial grass is designed to look like authentic grass, giving it the appearance of the real deal without the same amount of work.

Real grass is divided further into two options. You can either have grass grown through seeds directly planted in the ground or by placing sod. Think of sod as a grass carpet made of soil and netting. This grass rug is then rolled out on a property and carefully tended so that it grows.

Both types of real grass and artificial grass have their differences, the differences include: 


How to Maintain a Real Grass lawn

The worst thing you can do is leave your lawn neglected, as it will cost you even more to get it tidied up. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are constantly maintaining your lawn (or by switching to artificial grass).

  • Water your lawn deeply, during the summer months.

  • Mow often with lawn mower 

  • Fertilize your lawn often

  • Aerate your yard in fall or spring

How to Maintain an Artificial Grass lawn

Artificial Grass maintenance is simple and doesn’t take up your time. Enjoy your grass, don’t just mow it.


The Aesthetic differences between Artificial Grass and a Natural Grass Lawn.

Real Grass
Real grass looks less perfect than artificial grass because the color, texture, and the height of the blades are dependent on external factors such as the season.

Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is always photo-ready and picture-perfect. The blades remain the same height and color year-round. Those who require a perfect front lawn year round often opt for Artificial Grass.


Real Grass and Artificial Grass do not only differ in terms of maintenance, but they also differ in initial costs.

Real Grass
Sod rolls of real grass lawn costs 35 cents per square foot plus installation costs of $1-2 per square foot depending on how much grading soil dress up. Safely budget $2-$2.5 per square foot to have a new lawn installed.

Additional expenses are incurred for mowing, fertilizing and watering. Watering your natural grass will leave you with a very high water bill. Mowing will consume 30 minutes of your time, every week. 

Artificial Grass
Installing Artificial Grass is considerably more expensive INITIALLY. It costs $12 to $18 per square foot to have Artificial Grass installed depending type of the artificial grass, however the cost of maintenance is much less than real grass.

With Artificial Grass, you have no water bill, you can sell your lawn mower, and your maintenance time is greatly decreased.

Real Grass has high on-going maintenance costs and low initial costs, were as Artificial Grass has a higher initial cost, with much lower on-going maintenance costs.


Real Grass
Real grass uses gas lawn mowers, these generate dangerous airborne pollutants. Therefore, your natural grass, causes excessive air and noise pollution. Depending on the type of mower you use, it has been said that a gas lawn mower can often be up to 40 times more harmful to the environment than keeping your car running for the same duration.

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass does not require mowing and therefore does not have this effect on the environment.

Real grass is all natural, whilst artificial grass is manufactured, why is why many people often give artificial grass a bad rap. However, some Artificial Grass is made from recycled car tires, which are not biodegradable on their own. Artificial Grass actually keeps plastic out of landfills, and gives this otherwise useless plastic a new purpose. 

When it gets very hot in the summer, real grass is able to create a cooling effect, especially at a taller height. Artificial grass also creates this effect and is actually cooler in temperature than real grass lawn.

Deciding Between Real and Artificial Grass

Both artificial grass and a real grass lawn have their upsides, but for some individuals artificial grass may provide enough benefits to be worth considering. 

Artificial Grass has been carefully developed over the years to be superior to real grass lawn, and if you can afford the luxury of artificial grass, it is definitely worth considering. 

The time savings and added enjoyment from your care-free lawn might just earn you that extra time with the family you’ve been missing out on.

If you have any further questions about artificial grass, leave us a message and we’d be happy to help out. 

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